Must try foods and restaurants in Valencia, Spain

No, not the Instagram filter we all used to brighten up our photos but yes, the home of paella. We were able to spend about two full days in Valencia.

After almost getting pick pocketed in Madrid, we got on a train and headed to Valencia. After we arrived at our Airbnb, we naturally were starving. After some googling, we headed to a cute café called Trencat. You can see more of that experience here. I didn’t really show what we ordered. We grabbed orange juice, horchata, a sandwich and a burger. The café was so cute, the décor was fabulous, the WiFi was great and for my very first horchata, it was delicious.

Later that evening, we walked around Mercado de Colón for more horchata and fartons. Keep in mind, Akeel dislikes the taste of horchata and he was willing to go for me. It’s a public market located in the city center of Valencia. When we got there, we were both pretty disappointed. We didn’t expect the restaurants to be so sparse and there were enough restaurants that we wanted to try.

I was getting a tummy ache so we had to head home early without grabbing dinner and we ended up getting McDonalds.

My overall verdict of the day was horchata is a delicious soy-like, slushie tasting beverage and fartons were airy and tasty. Otherwise, I don’t have much else to say.

Woke up early so we can have a super long walk through Turia Gardens. It was beautiful but oh my goodness, did it tire me out. We also visited Fuente del Turia, Neptune with 8 women pouring water. We did a lot of people watching and wanted to try again at a food market. This time, I believe this might be one of Akeel and I’s favourite markets on this trip. The Central Market of Valencia is where you can get more authentic Spanish cuisine, see locals and buy what they eat as well as meeting other tourists as well. They had fresh produce, cuts of meat as well as hot and ready to go food as well as beverages. It was packed even though we went on a Thursday. We ordered paella to go, a big bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice and of course, the Spanish tortilla. I can honestly say this was one of our favourite cheap finds. It was so fun to look at everything as well as sample different foods.

We couldn’t say no to another Horchateria, so we stopped by Santa Catalina. The café’s atmosphere is so cute with the checkered floor tiles and the art tiles in the front. This place was packed at around 4pm. I grabbed myself another horchata and Akeel ordered churros and liquid chocolate. I would say to come here to catch your breathe, to relax and socialize. I absolutely loved this café.

Lastly, after looking at the famous bull arena in Valencia and the Twin gothic towers, we waited for Restaurante Canela for authentic paella. We’re so lucky that we came before opening because apparently, this is a place to book reservations before hand. They squeezed us in and honestly, Akeel and I were at our happiest moment. The rice in Valencia hits different! The seafood, the saffron – if you want to have an authentic delicious paella experience, visit Valencia and go to  almost any restaurant that serves paella correctly. You will not be disappointed.

Highly Recommended dishes:

  • Paella
  • Horchata
  • Fartons
  • Spanish tortilla

Highly Recommended restaurants/cafes:


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