Must try eats in Naples, Italy

Okay, right out of the gate, I got engaged here so I might be a little bias with my opinion of all things Naples, Italy. But you’re on my blog so it was going to be bias regardless.

We arrived in Naples early morning and got to settle in one of the coolest and luxurious Airbnb’s on our trip! As usual, we were starving. We went out to explore the city while also hunting down some traditional Napoli pizza.

Walking through enclosed roads, we’ve come across some delicious street food. Our first stop was Ristopescheria. We noticed a strong seafood smell and stopped by to see they were selling clams, mussels, and other forms of seafood. Alongside, there was a fried smell and we decided to order the ever so popular, cuoppo Napolitano. A popular street food in Napoli filled with assortment of fried delicacies such as veggies, meat, seafood, croquettes and whatever else they choose to put in there. Since we stopped by the fish stand, ours was filled with calamari, squid, cod, fish, octopus, and shrimp – variety of seafood. It was fresh off the fryer and we couldn’t wait any longer, so my fiancé and I ended up burning out mouth eating it! It was utterly delicious, and it tasted so fresh, everyone needs to try any cuoppo when stopping by Italy.

After walking along the road of Naples, we finally made it to our first pizza stop, Dal Presidente Pizzeria. When searching up where to eat in Naples, I believe this is probably one of the first recommendations that show up. It’s one of the most famous pizzerias in Naples. Bill Clinton, Julia Roberts and so many more celebrities and famous figures have visited and eaten at this establishment. They’re so proud of it, they display it all over their menus. My fiancé, Akeel, ordered the Margherita and prosciutto pizza and I ordered the classic Margherita Bufala. It was our first traditional pizza of Naples and it did not disappoint. Something about grabbing a fork and knife cutting through a thin layer of tomatoey and soupy pizza – wonderful. The main star of Naples is their buffalo cheese. You will be shocked and surprised at how different buffalo mozzarella is in Italy compared to North America.

It was time for dessert, so we stopped by Scaturchio, Pasticceria and Gelateria. I’ve been hearing a lot about a Naples delicacy called the sfogliatella (try saying that five times fast). Sfogliatella is a pastry that resembles a lobster tail. The pastry is usually filled with a variety of orange ricotta to custards to whatever else they decide to put in there. Akeel didn’t know much about it other than it’s a popular pastry in Naples so we decided to order two, one for each of us and boy was that a bad decision. Looking at the pastry, it looks light, flakey – almost like a croissant. Yes, it was flakey but light? Not at all. It’s so dense and heavy in weight, you would be surprised. After all the food we just ate, we forced this down our stomachs and took a nap until it was dinner time. This was Akeel’s second favourite pastry in our overall Europe trip. If you love that croissant flakey texture, orange flavour and ricotta cheese, you’d be in love!

After digesting everything, we decided it was time to have another go at Napoli pizza because when in Naples – you must try pizza! We’re off to Starita which is now confirmed that it was both of our favourite place to get pizza. I grabbed the classic Margherita bufala pizza and Akeel got something along the lines of ‘Versace’ (I honestly forgot what it was called) but it’s got extra cheese than the classic along with cherry tomatoes on top. Perfect crust to sauce ratio, plenty of cheese and the texture of the cheese hits different! I have nothing but positive things to say about Starita. Also, don’t forget to get orange Fanta in Italy if I haven’t said that already. Yes, you can get it in Canada, but it’s completely different.

Finally, it’s gelato time! It’s simple, you go to Italy and you just have to try gelato in every city you visit. We went to a place called Il Gelato Mennella. I don’t remember what Akeel grabbed but I got the pistachio and caffe flavour. A good thing to note when visiting a gelateria, if the pistachio is bright lime green like it is in Canada, stay away! It’s a tourist trap and it’s not a true representation of what gelato is in Italy.

Oh, what a wonderful day 2 in Naples was! We woke up early to do some site seeing. We got to see Castel Nuovo, Piazza del Plebiscito and the Royal Palace of Naples. We stopped by Café Gambrinus for some classic Italian orange juice and caffe del nono (tastes like the Tim Horton’s ice cappuccino).

Then we explored the Spanish quarter and stopped by another, you guessed it, pizzeria. Pizzeria Da Attilio is a cute pizzeria known for their ricotta stuffed crust, nothing like the Pizza Hut string cheese stuffed crust. If you want to get full, order the stuffed crust like Akeel did – he ordered a Margherita with sausage and I again got the classic. I love trying a variety of different types of pizza contrary to what I usually order, but I wanted to see the difference in each pizzeria. The texture of the bufala is a little harder so you must work harder when swallowing the mozzarella. Overall, no Napoli pizza was bad pizza, they were all amazing but if we had to choose, it was Starita that stole the show.

Walking 20 minutes back to our Airbnb and 2-hour nap later, we had a romantic dinner at La Lazzara Trattoria Pizzeria. Yes, this was a pizzeria, but I specifically chose this place to try their spaghetti alla puttanesca. It was a wonderful dinner outside on the patio with a man playing Italian music on his guitar for us. It felt like a Lady and the Tramp moment. I’d also like to mention there were stray puppies around us. Akeel ordered the pizza equivalent of my spaghetti and he regretted it. My spaghetti was delicious and had the right about of sauce, fresh al dente pasta with delicious olives. Akeel’s pizza was delicious at first bite but the second to the third, it got way to salt. They put copious amounts of capers and olives making the toppings overshadow the sauce, crust, and cheese.

We finished off the night with gelato from the same gelateria, but we decided on grabbing sorbet melon and mulberries from Mount Vesuvius.

It was a great night to get engaged. It was such a romantic and fulfilling day and a trip worth taking. Naples, Italy will always have a special place in my heart, and I will forever crave the traditional Napoli pizza.

Highly Recommended dishes

  • Cuoppo
  • Margherita pizza
  • Sfogliatella
  • Gelato
  • Caffe del nono
  • Spaghetti alla puttanesca

Highly Recommended Restaurants/Cafes

  • Ristopescheria
  • Dal Presidente Pizzeria
  • Scaturchio
  • Starita
  • Pizzeria Da Attilio
  • La Lazzara Trattoria Pizzeria

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