What to put on your Christmas Wishlist for the person that has everything

It’s almost that time of year again when family, friends and associates ask ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ I’ve always struggled to answer this because everything I do want is usually way overpriced like I don’t know, a house, a car or mental stability. Unfortunately, those purchases are going to have to be made by myself and I know it. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that goes out and buys what she wants if things are under fifty dollars. So I’ve come up with a solution to those white elephant or secret Santa wish lists that you’re required to fill out.

Do you guys collect anything? I collect nail polish, essential oils, stationary goodies and so much more. This is also great to keep in mind for the ‘giving’ aspect of Christmas. I love writing my favourite brand on nail polish or essential oil and telling them what they think I smell like or pick out a colour that represents me. This makes it more fun and personable while also adding on to your collection.

My friend collects records and I would give her a new record every year. Most collection items I’m talking about are under $50 so you don’t have to spend over your budget. Sometimes you’re not willing to spend more money on adding to your collection because you feel as if you have so much already so this is a great way to have new items.

Fun Gizmos or Gadgets
I can’t be the only person who’s been binging Tik Tok made me buy it videos. I’m obsessed with the compilations on YouTube and I keep seeing them on my For You page on Tik Tok. I’ve accumulated fun products on my Amazon wish list but I know personally, I won’t buy them because they’re one of those ‘nice to have but not necessary’ products. Here are some examples of what I want below.

Disposable Hand Wishing Cleaning Paper Soap flakes – for those moments you want to wash your hands and don’t have soap. Great to have especially in this pandemic.

Milk Frother – for those days you want to make your lattes extra fancy and they’re usually under $30

Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard – for those IPAD users or even phone users who miss the typing capabilities a blackberry used to give.

Replenishable products
This is easy. What do you run out of most and always have to run back to the store and get? Please keep in mind, don’t add aluminum foil to the list or dish washing soap. Something that’s personal to you, an everyday essential but not basic – if that makes sense. My replenishable products would be Nespresso coffee pods, my favourite tea from Harney and Sons, or my Rare beauty eyeliner.

Think about your current hobbies and interests, what would make your life better? I got a beautiful IPAD and Apple Pen for my birthday this year and as someone who loves to content create, that was so meaningful to me. I do understand that Apple products aren’t necessarily under $50. If you’re into photography, I would add a gorilla pod or cute phone lenses to make your ordinary camera phones that more enhanced. I would say the rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard would enhance my IPAD usage. Any products that could enhance your current productivity or your hobbies and interests.

I hope that helped. I know I have a couple of white elephants and secret Santa events coming up and my fiancé is freaking out because he never knows what to put on his wish list. I love the holidays and gift giving so be sure to look out for more holiday content coming your way this Christmas.


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