How I use my Bullet Journal to get organized for the Holidays

As someone who has been bullet journaling for three years, this time of year is so exciting yet stressful. The holidays can be a little chaotic and using my bullet journal helps me be a little more organized for the holiday season. I’ve been using these types of spreads every year, and every year I design them differently.

Since the pandemic began this year, the content in my spreads have changed a bit to cater to what my everyday normal life is like now. I used to do cute adventure advent calendars, dinner party planning and other event planning spreads. It’s important to be safe this holiday season and I catered this holiday collection to be more geared towards a more practical holiday flu safe and COVID safe season.

I always like to separate my holiday spreads from my regular monthly spreads to show a new event has arrived. I like to give a warm welcome and introduce the holidays by designing a cover page. This year, I decided to incorporate festive wreaths bows with delicate leaves. I wanted the 2020 holiday season to be more minimal and less loud to coincide with the pandemic.

Right after the cover page, I like to include a fun activity that will help me get into the holiday spirit every morning. Last year, I had an advent calendar writing out each activity to do everyday until Christmas. I also had a doodle a day spread and so many more everyday to Christmas spreads. This year, I kept it simple and did a countdown to Christmas spread where you colour in one ornament per day until December 25th.

Now for my personal favourite spread, gift giving. I created big ornaments and named each ornament after my assigned Secret Santa person or friends and family that I’ll be spending Christmas with. These are for the big gifts that I need to plan out and brainstorm. I mostly use this page to write down ideas to gift per person. In case you’re wondering the wear blotches on my ornaments, I’ve blurred out names in case they read this post.

I also created a brainstorming page for stocking stuffers. To be honest, stocking stuffers more fun shopping for in person but you have to make the best of what you got. I also made a brain dump page for gifts to give my friends. These are more for card making ideas and little gift ideas. I was thinking of creating an entire separate blog post discussing all my favourite things I love to give to my friends as a year end appreciation gift.

The most used page in my holiday spread – the gift tracker. I honestly don’t know why I just wrote Christmas Gifts when it really should say gift tracker. This is where I can keep track of my packages and to make sure I have everything I need before the big gift giving day.

This one is usually optional for me but it’s my personal Wishlist. I think the kid inside of me loves this spread so much. I love to pretend that Santa is somehow creeping my bullet journal and reads what I want but last year, I felt like I used it more for brainstorming for when people inevitability as “what do you want for Christmas?”

Lastly, I like to acknowledge the year is ending whether good or bad. Although I have a personal reflections diary, I still like to tie my journal up with some final thoughts. I made a cute cover page with a kitty saying goodbye to 2020.

My fiancé, Akeel’s favourite part of my bullet journal is my top ten year end reflection spread. Last year, he wrote in most of these for me because he was exciting to reflect on the year. This year, we didn’t do as much travelling as we wished we did, and we didn’t create many ‘outside of home’ memories. This years top ten list is a little shorter than last. This year, we decided to focus on these categories: movies, tv shows, artists, songs, discoveries, purchases, albums and music videos. We would discuss and write down our tier list and usually we’d write it on New Year’s eve as cute flashback to the year.

Lastly, I didn’t include the image here because honestly it doesn’t look cute but it’s a review of all my favourite things I’ve incorporated into my bullet journal this year and a criticism of what could change and what I should put in my new bullet journal for 2021.

I hope this makes someone excited to close the 2020 year even with all the horrible events that occurred, it allows us to take a step back and reflect and hope for the best.


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