2020 November Favourites

Wow, throwback to 2010 YouTube when all the influencers were discussing their all-time favourite items every month. I love writing about things I’m passionate about so what better way than to discuss my favourite items this past November.


Ariana Grande’s album released at the end of October which gave me the entire month to replay her album repeatedly. Positions is my favourite album of the month and some iconic and must listen to songs are: 34+35, my hair, and pov.

Favourite singles and songs are:

  • All That – Emotional Oranges Ft. Channel Tres
  • Daisy – Ashnikko
  • Monster – Shawn Mendes Ft. Justin Bieber
  • Heartbreak Anniversary  – Giveon

Favourite Music videos:

  • 34+35 – Ariana Grande
  • Prisoner – Miley Cyrus Ft. Dua Lipa
  • Wolves – Big Sean Ft. Post Malone
  • Warm December – Sabrina Claudio


I have a couple of things to go through that follow under the beauty umbrella. Some hair, some nails, and some makeup.

After looking for some mood board inspiration on Instagram for an upcoming project of mine, I’ve come across the 90s hair clip trends. We love to repeat history and I have no issues there. I decided to grab cheap and cute hair clips and butterfly clips off Amazon. I purchased them in an assorted pack of colours. Now I coordinate the clips with my eyeshadow look and I feel so put together in the morning. Every time I walk by a mirror, I’m like ‘who is she?!’

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of KathleenLights, the beauty YouTube. I’ve purchased all of her collaborations with Colourpop, polishes from KL Polish and now Lights Lacquer. Since I’m in Canada, I do receive my packages a bit later than usual. This fall was my favourite launch of Lights Lacquer thus far. The When in Romance bundle honestly didn’t excite me as much as the Sweet as Summer bundle, but I was in shock at how much I love the colours. I personally think it’s the best bundle they’ve come out with. I’m currently wearing At Last described as a deep teal with velvet blue undertones. My other favourites are Mia, Venus and We’ll always have Paris. They weren’t kidding when they said this collection is inspired my romance because I fell in love!

This month I essentially wore makeup everyday. It was the first thing I did every morning, I find blending eyeshadow so therapeutic. No surprise here but my next beauty favourites are from Colourpop. I bought a bunch of the monochromatic eyeshadows from Colourpop a while ago and I’m finally getting a chance to play around with them. My most worn and used eyeshadow palette this month was the Blue Moon eyeshadow palette in combination with the Shortcake blush. Whenever I wore it, I got compliments in grocery stores and Instagram stories. I felt like a character in Disney’s Frozen with snowy blue eyeshadow and cold pink nose blush. Catch me wearing this until winter is over.

I’ve been Twitch streaming four times a week and love it! I’m not affiliate yet and I’m not really worried about it. I think I’m having too much fun playing Dead by Daylight while interacting with strangers. As an extrovert, this is where I get my socialization high. If you do watch my streams, you’ll notice I’m rambling on about random topics even with one viewer. At least I don’t have to annoy Akeel, my fiancé, with my on going tangents about how The Weeknd didn’t get nominated for a single Grammy – I’m not salty I swear.

Akeel and I have been watching Lucifer on Netflix and I’m hooked. At first I was scared to get attached to a television show because if you know me, you know I will spiral out of emotional rage and turmoil when it comes to tv shows – I might do a post about shows that changed me. We stopped in the middle of season 2 all thanks to World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands. Honestly, consider me a single free woman now that Akeel’s been too preoccupied with the game.

Lastly, I usually have a favourite or most talked about movie every month. Every Tuesday I have to work late doing website updates for my corporate jobs and I can usually get through at most four movies. One of the saddest and impactful movie I’ve watched was Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy (2020). A movie containing family emotional trauma, drug abuse, Amy Adams and it’s based on a true story? Not only sign me up but bring me the tissue box while you’re at it. I cannot handle anything with current Amy Adams anymore. Her acting makes me sob to the next dimension. If you guys watched Sharp Objects, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I love emotional dramatic movies and the way this story was told was in the perspective of a child. Even thinking about the movie right now is making me tear up. I love any movie that brings up so many emotions within me. How I can just resonate with the main character so well and empathize with all characters in the movie.

Most likely will post monthly favourites here because it’s so fun to reflect and look back on what you watched, what you loved and what you used a lot. Think of this as an archive of Alicia’s favourite items. Let me know if you recommend any drama, based on a true story movies because I’m craving them!


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