Reviewing Influencer merchandise and products

Whether it’s a beauty influencer or a commentary YouTuber, I watch them all! I don’t blindly purchase products because someone told me it was amazing, but I do get curious and will purchase items that speak to me. Maybe I’ll make this a series seeing that it won’t be the last time I purchase merch.

Philip DeFranco – Bringer of Sadness t-shirt and hoodie

I have been watching Philip DeFranco for a long time, I don’t even remember at what age I started watching him. He was my main source of news growing up and he always put out content easy to digest while also allowing an open discussion no matter what your beliefs are.

I grabbed this specific apparel because it was reflection of how everything felt this year and what 2020 brought to us. I wanted a comfy hoodie to lounge around in and Akeel, my fiancé, got a new shirt for him to wear that’s not filled with holes.

The hoodie and shirt I grabbed are both size extra large and they’re both unisex products. It’s made by Next Level Apparel, made with 100% cotton, and made in Nicaragua. A lot of his merch and products are limited edition so I knew I had to grab it when it was announced. As far as I can say, all products have been machined washed repeatedly and nothing has been damaged. If Akeel and I had to rate the product, it’d be a 10/10 with no complaints. The apparel is made with super soft and comfy material. The shipping also came fast considering we’re from Canada.   

Would I repurchase? I’d purchase the same apparel with different designs.

Caitlyn Rae – Club Penguin Famous Hoodie and Impulsive Decisions Holiday Crewneck

Caitlyn Rae is a vlogger that vlogs her crazy life with her friends. I absolutely loved her content when I discovered her over 2 years ago. She would have insane experiences getting into concerts, meeting celebrities, and getting into trouble. She’s also a Libra and you know how messy we can be and indecisive we are.

My Impulsive Decisions sweater

When I heard she came out with merchandise that says ‘club penguin famous’ in a baby blue hoodie along with a Christmas sweater that says ‘impulsive decisions’, I knew I had to buy it! Not only because the words fit the description of my life but also because the colours looked so cute. I absolutely loved both sweaters. They’re both Gildan sweaters, size large, made in Honduras and made with 50% cotton / 50% polyester. Although they were soft, looked fabulous in photos, I do have some complaints. The major complaint was I purchased it right when it was announced on Caitlyn’s story in 2019. Tell me why I received it in November of 2020? I mean they did say ‘estimated delivery before Christmas’, but I guess they didn’t mention what year. I purchased it near the end of 2019 and received it in the end of 2020… not an ideal situation. This is when she was working with Prevail merchandise and I believe she’s now announced new merchandise with a different company.

Would I repurchase? Not from Prevail Merch.

Allie Glines – Allie Glines Gray Full Bag Collection

Allie Glines is this beautiful, sophisticated woman in Utah and what captivated me about her was the slick studio, soft spoken voice, and her ability to blend eyeshadow. I’ve been watching her for over three years now and to hear she came out with her own brand with her husband, I was so excited.

I purchased the Allie Glines gray full bag collection when she did her restock. I realized I needed a makeup bag carrying case when I was traveling between my place, my parents place, and my friend’s places. As most of you know, I enjoy putting on makeup and experimenting with makeup everyday and no matter where I wake up, I want to apply makeup – it’s a form of therapy for me. It was getting too messy with my H&M broken zipper makeup bags, so I decided to grab her full collection. Since the company was made in America, I didn’t want to just buy one bag to see if I liked it, I decided it’d be easier if I just grabbed the whole collection. I currently use it to store my nail polishes and extra makeup brushes. My favourite thing about the bag is the zippers. I don’t know how many makeup bag zippers keep breaking on me, but these bags don’t! I also love that it has a clear cover so I can see what I need to grab from each bag. The storage capacity is amazing, and I absolutely love using it for travel. She just came out with a pink collection and I’m tempted to buy it for my sister’s birthday next year.

Would I repurchase? Yes!

Tati Westbrook – Tati Beauty’s Blendiful

Ah yes, a controversial beauty influencer has made the list. I’ve watched Tati for so many years prior to the big scandal in 2019. I absolutely loved her content. I enjoyed all beauty reviews, fun tips and her soft-spoken calm voice. I’ve been a huge fan of Tati’s for over 4 years now.

Tati came out with her Textured Neutrals eyeshadow palette before the Blendiful. The only reason why I wasn’t interested was due to the fact that I had so many neutral eyeshadow palettes already and although I would’ve loved the matte shadows and shimmers, I wasn’t interested in prismatic glitters. I don’t need that many non-eye safe eye glitters. They’re nice to have sometimes but I know I wouldn’t use it that often.

The Blendiful however intrigued me. If you have every watched a Tati beauty video, you know she uses a velour puff to smooth out and set her makeup. She even sometimes uses a velour puff to apply her base makeup. To find out she made her own version as an all-in-one applicator, I had to see it for myself. The product is $18 US dollars, and it seems a lot for just an applicator, but I’ve also spent $28 CAD on Beauty Blender sponge. I absolutely love it as something to set my makeup with, to buff away oils and get rid of shine but to use liquid foundation and concealer, it isn’t what I thought it would look like and it honestly took longer for me to blend it all in. When applying cream blush and bronzer with the Blendiful, it gave me a beautiful finish. My only issue using liquid with this applicator is how difficult it is to scrub out all makeup in the fibers of the puff when cleaning.

Would I repurchase? No.

Tati Westbrook – Halo Beauty Kiwi Skin Booster

Since we’ve already spoken about her previous product, I’ll make this one short. This product was controversial because it’s important to consult a physician before trying it out and in general, supplements or any nutrition product over the internet sold by a beauty influencer isn’t a good look. As the Tik Tok kids would say, pack it up, Sugar Bear hair care gummies. She has a couple of different vitamins on the site, but I was mostly intrigued by Kiwi Skin Booster. It claims to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, support collagen and keratin production, supports clear and radiant complexion, supports natural moisture barrier for hydrated skin and inhibits bacteria, balances pH and Renews Skin. I was going through adult acne at the time I purchased this, and I’ve never struggled with acne throughout my adolescence, so I was trying anything I could get my hands on. I’ve repurchased this product for six months straight. I was unsure if the product did anything or if I just drank a lot more water and cared for my skincare routine for once. It was something nice to have as a part of my routine, but I honestly don’t think it was a necessity. I’m unsure if it was a placebo for me.

Would I repurchase? No.

KathleenLights – Lights Lacquer

I’m starting to feel like a broken record but KathleenLights is my all-time favourite beauty influencer on the YouTube platform. I’ve followed her for years ever since she uploaded her lip swatches for almost every brand out there. I love her personality and she genuinely seem down to earth and fun to be around. To say I’ve purchased all of her Colourpop collabs is an under statement. I also purchased all of KL polishes before it closed. And now I’m here as a huge supporter of Lights Lacquer.

If you know me, I need to constantly have nail polish on my nails or else I feel naked. I love Lights Lacquer just like I loved KL polishes. What’s amazing is that they ship to Canada with no duties. With COVID this year, the shipments per collection has been a bit slower. Lights Lacquer polishes are cruelty-free and formulated without seven harmful ingredients. I think what’s great about this product is that the actual colour and finishes of the nail polishes are unique. There are so many times where I hop into a Shopper’s Drug Mart looking for a pinned shade of ESSIE polish and it’s not there. The shades of Lights Lacquers are unique, the collection seems so fun and all the polishes have a story behind them. I also love addition of nail stickers added into the collections.

Would I repurchase? Most definitely, yes.


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