My 2021 Bullet Journal Set up

Yes, I realize it’s already February and I haven’t mentioned a single thing about my 2021 bullet journal. For consistent updates, please click here and follow my Instagram where I consistently post photos of my spreads.

This year, I decided to stick with what I know and use the Leuchtturm1917 journals in the sage green colour. With how chaotic everything became in 2020, I wanted a more calming and relaxing colour to start the new year off.

Once you open my journal, you’ll notice a vinyl sticker with fingers crossed. I was kind of giving a more hopeful energy into 2021 and I’m still feeling that way now. You can grab the sticker and many more if you click here – obviously not sponsored.

On the next page, I’ve added a motivational quote by Najwa Zebian stating, “No one owes you anything. You are the leader of your own life. Work for what you want. That makes you the most powerful person you can be.” I’ve also included an envelope with my personal information inserted inside in case I do somehow lose this journal.

I wanted to give a warm welcome to the new year by adding a tiny dark academia mood board along with a cover page. My mood board manifests more romance in my life, more journaling, more music, and more walks in nature. The cover page has a hidden gem that I’ve included, and I’m so obsessed with how everything turned out.

After the index, I’ve included a grid spacing cheat sheet to help me with my future spreads. I’ve designed a 2021 year at a glance to see how the year will look all at once.

Then you flip to my future log. I did the future log different this year and I’m thinking of doing this for my future bullet journals. I used to write down whatever dates I could remember but now I love that I put the dates chronologically and vertically so I can see what’s coming up when I need to quickly reference birthdays, holidays and events. This was one of my favourite and useful spreads I’ve done during my set up.

My current events spread is to track major important events. As a journalism major, although I’m not directly in the industry of reporting, I still love to see how the world evolves and see the bigger picture. I designed it similarly to my future log.

One of my more important manifestation pages is my new years resolutions. I’ve separated and divided everything accordingly so I can make goals per category. This way, I can keep track and make sure I cover all areas of my life.

My next page is a year in polaroid (I spelt it wrong but let it slide please). This is a more fun page to look back on. Every month I choose a photo and print out a polaroid from my printer.

The next few pages are media watchlists and wish lists. If anyone has any recommendations for music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, movies and so on, let me know so I can fill this page up.

This page is for my obsession with essential oils. I own a diffuser and I love using scents to set my environment. I made a spread listing the oils and their benefits for me to quick reference when I wake up and want to figure out what kind of mood I want to set for the day.

This is my master mood board. Here I have a bunch of things I love; I wish for and my overall atmosphere I’m looking to gain in 2021.

Lastly, I included a ‘when did I last’ page to track when I last changed my bedsheets, switched out my toothbrush, cleaned makeup brushes and so on.

If you’re wanting to see more individually dedicated spreads, follow me on Instagram to see all of them.


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