Ways to fill your empty Notebooks and Journals

I think a lot of my friends and family see that I’m obsessed with journaling so they think buying me a new journal would make me happy, which it does… but now I have 10+ empty journals with no ideas on how to fill it.

I know this is a common issue amongst others so I’m here to discuss and show you how I make use of every empty journal and what I write in them.

Bullet Journal
My main journal is my bullet journal. This is a great way to have an overview of what your days, weeks and months looks like. You can make it your own by having habit and mood trackers, overall plans and appointments as well as project management. You can learn more about bullet journaling here.

Brain Dump
This is an idea dump journal. This is a great place to just dump all your thoughts and ideas about a project, an event, songs etc. This is a great way to make sure you get all of your ideas laid out on a page and maybe one day execute them.

Content Planner
This is a place where you can plan out your social media posts, blog posts and other online content in a cohesive way. You go to this planner to see what ideas you have and what the opportunities are in each platform like on Tik Tok, YouTube, etc. Lots of potential to unlock great marketing strategies.

Feelings and Personal Thoughts
This is probably the journal that everyone has had previously or currently. It’s the most common type of journal. Because I have so many journals, I’ve dedicated journals for every emotion like this is my rant journal, this is my sadness sobbing crying journal, this is my happy blessed journals, and this is my mental health journal. This is a great way to utilize and put all of your emotions on to paper rather than bottling them up inside.

Dream Journals
A journal placed near my bed side so when I wake up, I can write in it immediately in case I remembered a dream.

Learning or Notetaking Journal
I’m always looking for new ways to grow and a great way is either doing online courses or doing some overall research. I have some notebooks where I write notes on how to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro, SEO content, and so on.

Travel Journal
I used this journal previously in 2019 Europe trip where I kept track of where I went, where we ate, what day, what city and so on. This was a great way for me to organize where I went for future blog posts while also relieving fond memories in different countries.

Stream Consciousness Journal
This is usually left to my least favourite design journal because the idea and point of stream of consciousness journaling is lifting that pressure off of ‘perfect journaling’. You write whatever comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make sense. This was a great way for me to have more clarity in the mornings. Sometimes I find myself being so scattered brain on a busy morning and I find that writing everything down makes me have a clearer mind.

Collection Journals
This is my favourite fun journal that I own. I use this journal just listing my favourite things such as: list of favourite actors, favourite actresses, favourite films, favourite restaurants, live concerts, etc. I love lists and I especially love lists with my favourite things on them. It’s also great to look back on in case you needed to use them for reference.

Ripping Waste Journal
I’ve recently started having a ripping journal. I don’t like to rip pages out in my bullet journal or any other journals and because I have so many journals, having one dedicated to ripping the pages out isn’t a big deal to me. I rip blank pages out of my journal to give my pen pals a more effortless letter look. I also use it to design cute pop up and flip over in my more ‘serious’ journals.

Quote Journal
This is so ideal especially when you want to have affirmations or need a quote for your other journals, it’s a good reference journal.

Gratitude Journal
This type of journal allows you to write what you’re grateful for or even flip back on a bad day and think about what you’re grateful for.

Research Notes
This is similar to learning or taking notes journal but more focused on things like researching about the new Monster Hunter games and the mechanisms in that. Or if you were into true crime and you want to take notes to have a better understanding in how you want to retell it. This is less focuses on academic and more focused on researching niche things.

Media (Movies/TV Show) Reviews
This is such a fun journal. You can play around with using images from Album, Movie or TV Show covers, giving it a rating and telling your thoughts about the media you consumed. I love this so much because rereading stuff about La La Land for example, I knew I had a certain feeling when I watched it and to relive that feeling is so fun.

Vision Board / Manifesting / Goals Journal
I believe this speaks for itself. You can create a visual vision board, or write as if you’re already experiencing the dream or goal. You could also take this opportunity to plan out how you plan to achieve those goals step by step.

Doodling Practice
This is obviously better for a sketchbook rather than a journal. I doodle a lot in my bullet journal and I bullet journal on my Leuchtturm1917 and I happened to have an empty Leuchtturm1917 to practice before I go into my ‘final’ notebook.

If you have any other ideas on how I could fill my notebook, please comment down below. I currently have three unfilled notebooks and I’m unsure what I should do with it!


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