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A Closer Look: Internet Dark Humor and are we getting progressively more sensitive?

Before you click off, I know what you’re thinking: just another senile person complaining about the youth – you might be right. It seems like every generation complains about how sensitive the younger generation is and how the ‘kids’ can’t handle functioning in society back in their day. This is such an interesting concept especially […]

A Closer Look: Why you shouldn’t knock personality-based pseudoscience

If you know me personally, you know my love for astrology, love languages and Myers-Briggs Type Indicators are real. I love learning about how we classify ourselves and how we perceive ourselves. I’m going to talk about astrology, Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, and overall personality-based quizzes and why you shouldn’t judge others for enjoying these ‘pseudoscience’ […]

A Closer Look: How to curate a positive social media feed

I have a lot to say about social media and how it shapes our youth, culture, and society. If you haven’t seen my first post on this subject, click here. If you’re coming into social media brand new, I think it can be quite toxic if you don’t take certain precautions and tools to curate […]

A Closer Look: Is Social Media toxic?

We’ve seen it all over the internet and we’ve seen it on those Arial text phone cases: “Social Media seriously harms your mental health.” As someone who works in the media field, it’s essential to keep up with social media and understand the analytics and trends. What’s more clickable, what do people like to see, […]