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Ways to fill your empty Notebooks and Journals

I think a lot of my friends and family see that I’m obsessed with journaling so they think buying me a new journal would make me happy, which it does… but now I have 10+ empty journals with no ideas on how to fill it. I know this is a common issue amongst others so […]

My 2021 Bullet Journal Set up

Yes, I realize it’s already February and I haven’t mentioned a single thing about my 2021 bullet journal. For consistent updates, please click here and follow my Instagram where I consistently post photos of my spreads. This year, I decided to stick with what I know and use the Leuchtturm1917 journals in the sage green […]

How I use my Bullet Journal to get organized for the Holidays

As someone who has been bullet journaling for three years, this time of year is so exciting yet stressful. The holidays can be a little chaotic and using my bullet journal helps me be a little more organized for the holiday season. I’ve been using these types of spreads every year, and every year I […]

6 Bullet Journal essentials that I cannot live without

Before I get started on the list, I have a list of some generic items that I think everyone needs before they can start bullet journaling. The following list are just my personal preferences and my opinions, if you have items that work for you, that’s great and if you think I’m missing anything from […]

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