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My Quarantine Purchases – Part 1

When you’ve been in lockdown and quarantine for too long, you’re in need to switch things up. A really easy way to look forward to something is online shopping. Although I’m not proud of it, I am having fun with all these products. If it gives me a little bit of dopamine, so be it! […]

Reviewing Influencer merchandise and products

Whether it’s a beauty influencer or a commentary YouTuber, I watch them all! I don’t blindly purchase products because someone told me it was amazing, but I do get curious and will purchase items that speak to me. Maybe I’ll make this a series seeing that it won’t be the last time I purchase merch. […]

2020 November Favourites

Wow, throwback to 2010 YouTube when all the influencers were discussing their all-time favourite items every month. I love writing about things I’m passionate about so what better way than to discuss my favourite items this past November. Music Ariana Grande’s album released at the end of October which gave me the entire month to […]