Here you can find my travel experiences through my YouTube vlogs or written blog posts about some of my favourite places I’ve visited.

Must try foods in Amsterdam

What’s a city that comes to mind when you think ‘youthful’? Well, I think Amsterdam, Netherlands. When we first arrived at Amsterdam, Akeel booked a beautiful, cozy, cool and trendy capsule hotel. I might share a little more about that later. After we settled in, we were starving! We hit up a Febo, a vending […]

Must try foods in Milan

On our way to Milan, Italy with an Airbnb in a tiny nook looking out to the beautiful water canals. At 10 a.m., we scheduled an outing where we get a tour of the Milan Duomo and an overall cultural tour. We visited a famous mall with a bull’s penis, and yes, I said bull’s […]

Must Try foods in Florence

DAY 1 On our way to Florence, Italy where we had to eat a big mac and an orange for the long train ride into the city. After we checked into the hotel and got settled in, we explored the square near our hotel. I would say, besides Barcelona, Florence was a very loud city […]

Must try eats in Rome, Italy

DAY 1 We’ve finally reached Rome and they weren’t kidding when they said you can do it in a day. During our Europe trip, we were able to explore Rome, Italy. Here are some highlights along with food suggestions. Waking up from a long train ride, we’ve arrived in Rome! After we checked into our […]

Must try eats in Naples, Italy

Okay, right out of the gate, I got engaged here so I might be a little bias with my opinion of all things Naples, Italy. But you’re on my blog so it was going to be bias regardless. DAY 1We arrived in Naples early morning and got to settle in one of the coolest and […]

Restaurants to try in Barcelona, Spain

Let me start off by saying we got bamboozled by our Airbnb host – he took deceitful photos of the place. Luckily, our stay was only 2 days and we only needed a place to sleep. We arrived in the afternoon and took two naps prior heading out and exploring what Barcelona has to offer. […]

Must try foods and restaurants in Valencia, Spain

No, not the Instagram filter we all used to brighten up our photos but yes, the home of paella. We were able to spend about two full days in Valencia. DAY 1After almost getting pick pocketed in Madrid, we got on a train and headed to Valencia. After we arrived at our Airbnb, we naturally […]

Must try eats in Madrid, Spain

After an 8 hour bus right from Lisbon to Madrid, we finally arrived! You can check out more about our first day here. Madrid is such a beautiful city, filled with lots of culture and delicious Spanish tortilla. DAY 1We arrived late on our first day or should I say, evening, in Madrid. We went […]

Must try Foods/Restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal

As beautiful and delicious Lisbon was, the stairs and steps were almost unbearable. This was definitely because I was extremely out of shape. Props to locals who can climb those steps everyday! Day 1We arrived in Lisbon at 11am Thursday, July 11th. As you could imagine after an overnight flight, we were starving. We heard […]