Must Try foods in Florence


On our way to Florence, Italy where we had to eat a big mac and an orange for the long train ride into the city. After we checked into the hotel and got settled in, we explored the square near our hotel. I would say, besides Barcelona, Florence was a very loud city to sleep in.

We were preparing for the dish that we had planned and made reservations months ago. Trattoria dall’Oste was a very busy restaurant and we were told to ensure you make reservations before you visit. We came into this restaurant with the intentions of just trying the infamous Florence steak. Our appetizer was a very heavy beefy ragu pasta. Then came the show of the night, the Florence Ribeye steak from the Tuscany region. It was beautifully cooked medium rare with the bone still attached. Safe to say day 1 ended in a food coma.


Waking up after being overfed made me very motivated to walk around and explore the city a lot more. One of my favourite things to do in a new city is visiting their local food markets, we went to Mercato Central Firenze. It was a two story food market filled with all kinds of produce, food, desserts and baked goods. I grabbed some watermelon to satisfy my fruit cravings and a variation of delicious biscottis. For an early lunch, I went to Da Nerbone in the market. They sold a very affordable beef stomach sandwich filled with beef stomach fat flavouring. It was so cheap and well worth the price.

Another favourite thing to do is to sit in a café with my fiancé and just talk about whatever and relax. We visited Mo Si cafeteria alla vecchia maniera to grab ice cappuccinos, more still water and cornetto. A cornetto is an Italian variation of a croissant. It was such a calming atmosphere.

Dinner time came around and we decided it’s time to venture out. We went on a hunt for delicious paninis with two places in mind: Panini Toscani and All’Antico Vinaiio. Akeel and I shared one sandwich from both places to get variety. If I had to chose only one place to go back too it would be Panini Toscani. They had less of a line up and you could try the variety of cheeses, meat and the type of bread. It was like a Subway where you could pick and chose what goes into your panini. I also absolutely love olive focaccia bread.

Lastly, we went to GROM for dessert which is arguably the best gelato place I’ve been to in Italy. I grabbed the classic fior di latte and crema gelato while akeel got nouget and Stracciatella.

Florence, Italy became one of my favourite cities to visit. The architecture was stunning, the city was small but busy. I would definitely come back here once again just for the steaks!

Highly Recommended Foods

  • Florentine Steaks (specifically from the farm near)
  • Beef stomach sandwiches
  • Paninis
  • Gelato
  • Biscotti
  • Fior Di Latte or Stracciatella flavoured gelatos

Highly Recommended Restaurants

  • Trattoria dall’Oste
  • Mercato Central Firenze
  • Mo Si cafeteria alla vecchia maniera
  • Panini Toscani
  • GROM

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