5 Looks 1 Palette – Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream St.

This is awkward, I never realized this palette is discontinued on the Colourpop website until writing this blog post right now – and to think that I was going to do this with the discontinued zodiac palette too. Well, it’s been done and I might as well share what I got! I’ve decided to wear five different eyeshadow looks featuring only colours from the Dream St. palette.

Why did I choose this palette? If you missed my last blog post, I included the Dream St. palette in my project pan. I’ve had this palette for so long and I’ve always dipped into it with another palette. This way, I get to challenge myself to use colours I wouldn’t normally use. Please refer to the image below to see the shade names.

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Monday – Ethereal neutral shimmers

I wanted to play it safe for the first day so I decided for a cute delicate look. This is usually a look I go for when I’m going out for brunch with my girls or a date.

Magical was dusted all over the lid as a base, Shooting Star was buffed into the upper corner of my lids to add dimension, and I used Potion closer to my outer lash line and blended it in to warm up the look. I topped the center of the lid with my finger by dipping into Sweet Dreams. I added eyeliner and topped my inner corner highlight with Moony.

Tuesday – Fire Nation vibes

This is one of my favourite looks this week because if you don’t follow me on Instagram already, you should go do that. I usually post updates throughout the week on my stories and I’ve gotten so many compliments and comparisons of looking like Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Is she crazy? Yes, but she looked fire, pun definitely intended.

Shooting Star was placed all over the lid as a base and then I went in with a flat shader brush and dipped into Spark. I patted and covered the lid with Spark and just blended the colour in until I felt like it covered most of my eyelids. Dipping into Potion, I placed and blended the colour only on the outer corner of my crease adding depth and dimension. I took my pinky finger and lightly tapped in Star Dust to the outer center of my lids to add a little bit of shine. Ended the look off by adding Moony yet again to the inner corner of my eyes. You’ll notice I love Moony to add that final touch.

Wednesday – Smokey mermaid boy

We’re dabbling into my least favourite look of the week. I was feeling a little experimental that Wednesday and decided for a fully blue look. This would’ve looked amazing if I had more precision with my brush and if I had the patience to blend it all in.

Shooting Star was the initial base of this look and then immediately added Water Bearer all over my lid and blended that upwards so it covers the entire eyelids. I then added Elfish on the outer corner of my lids and blended it in, so it looks less harsh. I would’ve definitely wanted to dip into Water Bearer once again so it could be less muddy in the center, but lessons learned there. I took my ring finger and dipped into Mermaid Boy and patted it into the center of the lids and took my pinky finger and added Kaleidoscope into the inner corners of my eyelids to brighten the look up. Not completely impressed by this look but honestly, it could’ve been worse.

Thursday – Fall soft grunge

This was such a fitting look for that week as leaves were falling, darker overcast skies and outdoor neighborhood cats constantly surrounding me. Out of all of the looks, this is a look that’s more my style or something you’d see me rock a lot more often.

Again, we’re starting with Shooting Star as the base. Dipping into Potion with any fluffy eye blender brush, I brush the colour into my lid in a windshield wiper motion making sure to focus it more on the outer corner of my lids – this will be the colour that pops through and warms up the look. I then added Elfish with a flat headed brush and place it on the inside of the lid focusing it closer to the lash line. I would take the fluffy brush I used previously and not dipping into another colour, just buffing the two colours on my lids together to make sure there’s no harsh lines. This creates such a grungy smoky look with limited effort. I absolutely love blending in eyeshadow and this is a great look to do so!

Friday – Fire and Water collide

Ending this series with a bang, we go with the boldest look I’ve worn this week. I’ve gotten the most compliments wearing this because I think it makes such a bold statement.

You guessed it, Shooting Star, place that colour all over the lid. Take the colour Spark and use a fluffy blending brush and windshield wiper that on your lid, don’t be scared to be messy with it. This is the colour that will peak through and warm up your look. Add Potion with a smaller fluffy blending brush and focus that colour on the outer corner of your eyelids combining the two together. Go in with a flat shader brush to Water Bearer and place it in the center of your lid making sure it doesn’t go above your supposed crease (because I don’t really have one). Add Elfish to the outer corner of your crease combining Spark, Potion and Water Bearer together. Blending Elfish in but making sure it stays on the outer corner of your eyelids or else it’ll look muddy. Take any finger and generously dip into Mermaid Boy and pat it all over the lid where you’ve placed Water Bearer. Then take your smallest finger (pinky probably) and take Kaleidoscope and put it on the very center of your lids. Play around until Mermaid Boy and Kaleidoscope look like they’re in harmony. It’s a tiny rendition of a halo eye but not really. I just like that Kaleidoscope peaks through a little bit and makes a statement. Top it all off with Moony as a beautiful inner corner highlight.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the idea of using only one palette and several different looks. We love to over consume makeup but this way, it forces us to be creative with what we already have. I might make this into a series since I have way too much makeup to go through and a lot of time on my hands. I still love this Dream St. palette, unfortunately you can no longer purchase it anywhere on the Colourpop website but hopefully if you guys already have this palette, this may help with some creative blocks.

After doing this challenge, I’ve managed to hit pan on Water Bearer and nothing else. I feel like I use Shooting Star and Moony a lot even before doing this challenge and yet, I haven’t hit pan on them. Lastly, I’d like to note that I was rocking these looks at home while catching up on Lucifer on Netflix and not partying around during this pandemic.


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